how the auto water changer works!

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11th December 2022 - and so it begins s/h hailea 100 chiller purchased, i have the larger fluval edge tank (46 litre) spare and will be modding this as required, addition of undergravel filter planned

9th January 2023 - tidy up of the used fluvel edge and fitting fluval nano light (plant version) respray of plastics with grey stone effect

early days, undergravel filter on order, aware this is old technology but has stood the test of time and it works

22nd January 23 - undergravel filter added but uplift increased in diameter as original would be inadequate for flow desired (updated to 32mm internal)

17th february 23 - next stage of the native marine tank, undergravel filter now in operation using limewood diffuser to obtain fine air bubbles, salts added and salinity 1.025 - now need to start off cycling, intention is to introduce natural seawater

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