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the Reefloat AWC 28b -28 Litre Automated Water Changer cuts out the need for numerous containers, mixing pumps, manual syphoning and all the mess that goes with it!

the AWC28b has moulded carrying handles for easy moving

example: this unit will give approx 10% water change on a 275 litre setup - calculation based on approx 10% water displacement by rock, substrate etc

  • fully automated start, cycle and stop
  • Plug & Play - everything supplied, no extra's required
  • pump height exceeds 3 metres
  • pipe length 2 metres from ground level
  • low voltage (12 volt adaptor supplied)
  • everything supplied, no extra's needed

shipping £12.50 uk mainland

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Michelle Browne (South Gloucestershire, GB)
How did I ever manage without this!!

Since using the reefloat AWC my water change is so much easier, no more multiple buckets as this unit does it all, mixes the salt, removes dirty tank water whilst replacing new water at the same time.
I did use a heater to warm the water a little but if I hadn’t stored my water in the garage I probably wouldn’t have bothered with the heater
Absolutely thoroughly recommend this product!

ibrahim (Enfield, GB)
AWC 28b

AWC 28b the perfect addition to my aquarium, Water change is not a chore anymore simple to use and neat enough to put away. May I also add Gordon (owner) was so helpful in any questions I had. Thank you

New reefer and to me a must have

After researching for months and a friendly tuber showing you the disgusting maintenance side of reefing.

i thought best to save my back and agro from rhe missus to invest upfront.

already well impressed, had to do a change as I accidentally overdosed Ammonia during cycle.

this thing is great, serves as a mixing container and then set it up and your good to play games whilst "doing the tank"

Justin Green
Excellent piece of kit

After getting back into the hobby again, yes I know its addictive, this is the second time I have bought one of these AWC units. They do what they say and make the job easy. Once you have tried one you will not regret it.
The only simpler method is if you have a system that does constant ongoing water changes and we are not ll set up for that.

Pat hughes
Changing made simple

I bought this AWC28
After reading reviews, and had to give it a go!
I had two tanks at the time, tropical and a marine. The water changing on the tropical was simple. But going to Lfs Bringing home barrels of salt water then changing the water🤪
Mix my own salt, using reefloat makes it all seamless. I love it!
May seem a bit expensive at first glance but it pays for itself quickly!